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RBL’s audit and loss prevention manager says Report It Now is essential for any business.

Our Case Management System is designed so businesses receive reports of unethical behaviour as quickly as possible, thus allowing time to mitigate risk. This speed of service is something Restaurant Brands NZ Ltd has found incredibly valuable.

As Internal Audit and Loss Prevention Manager at Restaurant Brands, Hong values the speed which a well-documented report from Report It Now can be researched, compiled and on his desk – within hours of the incident.

Hong says it’s also a key part of the programme’s success that staff see the company’s quick response.

“This continues to enhance our values and credibility of an independent reporting system,” he says.

“We have stores all over New Zealand, our staff want to work in an organisation that respects them for their individuality and their values – we employ people whose values align with ours.”

“Report It Now has really added value to RBL. I would recommend it to any business. The service enhances the culture and values of RBL” – HP Hong, Internal Audit and Loss Prevention Manager, RBL.

“Report It Now has really added value to RBL. I would recommend it to any business. The service enhances the culture and values of RBL” – HP Hong, Internal Audit and Loss Prevention Manager, RBL.“Report it Now has ensured our staff can report on issues that they see as a breach of our values and the service that our customers expect from us.”

An example of how the system helps Restaurant Brands to back up its commitment to organisational values is supporting the no-tolerance theft policy.

“If you are caught stealing from the company your employment is likely to be in jeopardy and we will report the matter to Police. I know that over the years Report It Now has helped us prevent numerous thefts and dishonest behaviour within our stores.”

Whistleblowing is now mainstream and expected by staff and management

RBL has been using Report It Now since 2008, a careful decision made by the organisation’s audit committee which Hong says “in those days, something that was ahead of its time. There was nothing in place {before} that allowed our staff to have an independent voice.”

“Now whistleblowing has become more mainstream and expected – and expected by staff and management.”

“We give all of our staff a free rein to report anything that doesn’t align with our values and expectations as a good employer. We want our staff to have a channel to report through and Report it Now provides that conduit.

“The staff had to have the trust and confidence to report through Report It Now and secondly they needed to trust that what they were reporting would remian confidential and that we would act on it. I think this is one of the biggest aspects to the success of the Report It Now system, it has to be led by managers and supervisors and have a robust system in place to manage and follow up quickly and effectively.”

Report It Now intuitive and exceptional, highly trusted by staff

Hong says most staff now trust the system to the point it is rare to receive an anonymous report.

All employees receive a Report it Now brochure within their employment pack, and there are posters and noticeboards in stores. They find the system easy to use, which Hong says is because it’s intuitive and gives a good amount of information as to the process of reporting – where it goes, what happens to it and how they can be kept updated.

“For our staff who may only be using the service for the first time it can take them a bit of time to get the confidence to report. They are worried and nervous but your friendly staff listen to them and make then feel very confident that they are doing the right thing.”

Robust information leads to sound investigation

When an employee makes a report about wrongdoing – either by the online system or by phone – a group of key senior managers receive the notification, followed by a comprehensive report, including the Report It Now protected disclosure officers’ notes.

Hong says this allows the company to investigate from a sound basis.

“At any stage I can also get the analytics in terms of trends, frequency of reports, times and dates etc. from their system, this is really useful for when I have to report through to the audit committee three times a year, it saves me a lot of manual work.”

Talk to us now about how Report It Now can help support ethical conduct in your workplace. 

“Report It Now’s whistleblowing hotline has provided our employees with a secure, independent system where they can report unethical behaviour. In an industry where fraudulent activity can occur, their service has saved us thousands of dollars over the years.”

Restaurant Brands NZ Limited

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